Super Rally 2024


15.-19.5.2024 ATC Merkur, Pasohlavky, Czech Republic

Text: Fed Sec. Sakke

Pictures: H-DC Moravia

The Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs of Europe’s Super Rally® 2024 has been located to Czech Republic, beautiful municipality of Pasohlavky, in the extremely comfortable camping area of ATC Merkur. This camping area is in South Moravia, located by a lake/recreational pond. We have been there before; FH-DCE Super Rally® 2017 was also enjoyed on the same practical, good location. This event area in ATC Merkur is about 1,5 km long and 0,7 km wide area containing two small ponds. Access to the rally area will begin on Wednesday, May 15th at 12.00 hour, and the event will end on Sunday the 19th. The entrance fee is 85€ and at the gate it can be paid card or cash (Czech currency and EUR). Tickets were sold in advance on the website of the event until the end of the year 2023, but the organizer is planning to make another web selling campaign in the spring 2024. If you bought your entrance ticket in advance, you must have the voucher to show at the gate. The entrance fee is the very same if you arrive at the gate on Wednesday or Saturday. Also, in the event area itself, the credit cards and cash (EUR/CZK) will be accepted. All well behaving bikers are welcome, but access to the actual event area is by Harley-Davidson, Buell and Indian motorcycles, other brands must be parked in the designated parking area outside the actual event area.

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Pasohlávky is a municipality and village in Brno-Country District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 800 inhabitants. The first written mention of Pasohlávky is from 1276, under its original name Uherčice na Bílém břehu. Because of the construction of the Nové Mlýny reservoirs, the cadastral area of the neighbouring village of Mušov was joined to Pasohlávky on 1 January 1980 and most of the inhabitants moved to Pasohlávky. The area of Mušov was subsequently flooded. The areas of Pasohlávky and Mušov are important archaeological sites. There are 28 known archaeological sites in the former Mušov and 21 in Pasohlávky. Remains of a permanent Roman fortress from the 2nd century have been explored here. There is a museum with an exhibition dedicated to the Roman people and local discoveries. On the island in the Nové Mlýny Reservoir is the last remnant of Mušov, the Church of Saint Leonard of Noblac. The originally Romanesque church from the late 12th or early 13th century was rebuilt in the Gothic style in the 14th century.

More information about touristic attractions in Pasohlavky municipality you find here:

More information about touristic attractions in South Moravia region you find here:

If you will accommodate there by a tent, you can ride around the event area and pick the place for your tent when you see a pleasant one. There will be a special tenting area (FH-DCE Booth) reserved exclusively for the members of FH-DCE member clubs. To get an access to it, you must contact to e-mail address in good time before the rally. When you have found the place (wherever) for your tent and built up your home, it is worth browsing the program leaflet of the rally in peace. There is a lot of useful information and on some page, there is a lottery ticket, which you can fill in and return to the box at the information point by the deadline. The H-D raffle will be organized on the main stage on Saturday evening. In each FH-DCE Super Rally®, Harley-Davidson Europe will give away one brand new bike for free to the winner of this raffle. In addition to the rally area services and amusement, the program leaflet usually presents tourist attractions in the area. Also, very important breakfast tickets you find in this leaflet only.

This year the entrance fee includes breakfast on all four mornings. You can choose as breakfast one of three options: a. goulash soup + bread, b. ham & cheese croissant + fruit + doughnut, c. continental breakfast (eggs + sausage). Coffee and tea will be available for free. Generally, in the event are you find several places where you can buy food and drink at reasonable prices until late night hours. Few days will be spent in the area with good friends, new and old, enjoying delicious food, drinks, beach & sun and of course an entertaining program. During your stay at the event area, among other things you can visit barber, tattoo, or piercing shops, enjoy sightseeing from a helicopter and taste local wine on a boat trip. For ladies there will be a special “Ladies Zone” with a wide range of beauty care services. Lots of toilets and showers are permanently there and also have been located in the area. You also find there a central information point where you can always ask for help if you are concerned. A medical care point can also be found if you or a friend has a health problem. Any possible problems with your bike will be fixed by the official rally H-D repair shop in the area. It is operated by a local dealer by support of Harley-Davidson Europe spare parts department. So, if they don’t have the part you need to make your bike to roar and roll again, most probably it cannot be found in the Europe at the moment. Gasoline is not available in the event area, but you find couple of petrol stations just two kilometers to north by the main road. A wide range of H-D compatible accessories, spare parts, clothing, and other items in the area are on sale at a dedicated shopping street. At the area there will also be the Harley-Davidson exposition with many brand-new models and accessories for you to check.

If you want and decide to leave the abundant offerings of the event area and go to admire the sights of surroundings, please remember that you and your bike were checked in together at the entrance or the welcome point. This pairing is very important and will be checked at the exit gate every time you ride out from the event area. You can only leave the area on the same bike you entered. Your ride will be stopped if the markings of the bike and rider do not match. This measure is intended to prevent motorbike theft.

The organizer will offer sightseeing roundtrips by bikes on Friday and Saturday. There will be possibility of 5 groups by 12 persons/bikes to ride with English speaking guide two different routes, one is Eastern route, and another will head to Southern area. The price for person will be 20€ only, including a soft drink during the trip stop. If you like to attend, you must book your place here:

By the way…as before in some FH-DCE Super rallies® you can rent a tent if you don’t feel comfortable to bring your own the whole way from home and back. Price of the “pagoda” 5x5m is 460€, “party tent 5x10m 840€ and “sitting set” (a table and two benches) 17€. Prices are including VAT, and the rental period is from Wednesday to Sunday. To book these tents and/or bench & table sets, send your e-mail before the end of February to

If you are not accommodating in the event area, and are wondering “How do I get to my hotel?” You need not to be worried! There will be a taxi service available 24/7 at affordable rates so that everyone gets to have a good sleep at all times.

In Czech Republic, there is a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol consumption, meaning no alcohol content in the blood is allowed. Speed limits for motorcycles are 50 km/h in urban roads, 90 km/h in non-urban roads and generally 130/110 km/h on motorways/expressways but 80 km/h in urban area. With traffic sign there may be ordered a different speed limit. Vignette that is mandatory for cars on motorways does not apply for motorbikes. The use of a helmet is always mandatory. Also, the use of dipped headlights during the day is mandatory. Emergency phone numbers is 112.

WELCOME TO ENJOY THE FH-DCE Super Rally® 2024! See you there soon.


Federation Secretary

Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe